Norwegian-Canadian Memorial 




During World War II, the Muskoka Airport, referred to as "Little Norway", was used as a training facility by the Royal Norwegian Air Force.  Throughout the war, hundreds of Norwegians travelled to Canada to train as pilots and aircrew before returning to the battlefields of Europe.  The National Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada has recognized "Little Norway" in Muskoka as a National Historic Event.  Information respecting this historic event is available at National Historic Event.

The District Municipality of Muskoka has worked closely with Norway, Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion to design and construct a memorial at the Muskoka Airport.  The purpose of the project is twofold; to recognize the historical significance of the Royal Norwegian Air Force training program in Muskoka during World War II and to establish a new cultural heritage attraction at the airport. 

The purpose of the Little Norway Memorial is to commemorate the lives and sacrifices of those that trained at "Little Norway" ensuring that their legacy will not be forgotten and to provide understanding and appreciation of the long-standing and continuing connections between Norway and Canada.  

Greystone Project Management Inc. of Huntsville designed and constructed the 3,000 square foot facility used jointly with the Air Terminal Building at the Muskoka Airport.

Industry Canada, through FedNor and Norway, have provided funding for the project and Muskoka has provided the land for the project.  The opening of the Little Norway Memorial and Air Terminal is scheduled for 12:00 p.m. on September 25, 2007.  The Prime Minister of Norway and approximately 60 Norwegian veterans will be attending the opening ceremonies. 


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