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The Muskoka Airport provides a location for a wide range of aviation activities including charter passenger facilities and services, business charter services, flight training, recreational flying and aviation-related industrial commercial business and service facilities.

Aircraft Assembly

Experience in repair, recovering, restoration and refinishing to all makes and models
of Ultralights and Homebuilts.
Phone: Local (705) 645-8697

Aircraft Maintenance

HDL Enterprises

Aircraft Maintenance
Phone: Local (705) 687-9090

Offering Lake sales and service since 1964.
Phone: (705) 687-4343

Aircraft Refinishing

Muskoka Aircraft Refinishing

Muskoka Aircraft Refinishing has created a "One Stop Shop" that provides our private, corporate and commercial clients reduced downtime/ cycle times and the additional operational costs incurred in moving the aircraft to multiple service centers.
Phone: Local (705) 687-3300  Toll Free (877) 330-4747

Aircraft Sales

Aztec Nomad Inc.
Aztec Nomad Inc. is proud to announce our exciting new aircraft that leaves the competition far behind. The incredible Aztec Nomad, available on straight or amphibious floats.
Phone: (705) 687-6696

Flight Training Facilities

Ferrari Flight Training

Licenses --- Recreational Pilot Permit, Private Pilot License, VFR OTT Rating, Single-Engine Instrument Rating
Phone: Local (705) 687-3901

Licenses --- Recreational Pilot Permit, Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, VFR OTT Rating, Single-Engine Instrument Rating, Class 4 Instructor Rating
Phone: Local (705) 687-7776

Charter Companies


Cameron Air Charters get you to where you’re going with the utmost speed, safety and comfort. Our Executive and Scenic Charter flights put the control of your schedule where it belongs – in your hands.

Cloud Air Service Inc.

Operating from Lake Muskoka, Cloud Air Services Ltd. is a float plane charter company which provides float training and charter flights to and from Toronto Island Airport.
Phone: (705) 765-3574   Toll Free: 1-800-990-1199

Muskoka Golf Airways: Your Link to Muskoka!

Whether it's to tee off at one of Muskoka's championship courses...or to catch up with the family at the cottage for the weekend... or just to get a breathtaking bird's eye view of all Muskoka has to offer - Muskoka Golf Airways is the only way to fly!

Already landing at Muskoka Airport in your own aircraft?  We'll take you the rest of the way with our runway2cottage shuttle service.

Flight Charters, Sightseeing Tours, Muskoka Airport Transfers
Toll Free: 1-877-495-3300

Car Rental Company


Discount Car and Truck Rentals: Now located in the Air Terminal Building!

Summer Hours starting May 26th
Mon - Fri 8:30am to 8:00pm
Sat and Sun 10:00am to 6:00pm

All classes from compact to full size, minivans, convertibles, suv's and pick ups.

Phone: (705) 687-2200


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